Delhi University Affiliated Colleges Under Investigation for Financial Irregularities

New Delhi: The Higher Education Ministry in Delhi has launched an investigation into 12 colleges affiliated with Delhi University that receive funding from the Delhi Government. The government alleges significant financial irregularities in these institutions.

Initiation of Investigation:
The Higher Education Minister has instructed the Secretary (Higher Education) to form an inquiry committee to investigate the alleged irregularities. The ministry contends that these colleges have substantial procedural irregularities, citing the appointment of 1897 employees, including teaching staff, without approval from the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD). Among them, 939 teaching and 958 non-teaching staff were hired without GNCTD approval, violating established government procedures and rules.

Unapproved Appointments and Violations:
The ministry alleges that the colleges violated established government procedures by making numerous appointments without proper approval. It specifically points out that since 2015, 939 teaching and 958 non-teaching staff were appointed without the required GNCTD approval. This breach has prompted the ministry to direct officials to identify and take stringent action against principals and officials responsible for creating unauthorized positions. The mandate includes the recovery of salaries for staff members appointed illegally.

Action Against Violators:
The Higher Education Minister has called for robust action against officers violating General Financial Rules (GFR) provisions during the execution of contracts. The ministry emphasizes the need for accountability, stating, “The colleges haven’t submitted the ATR. Accountability demands transparent, judicious spending of public funds, flouted repeatedly by these colleges.”

Financial Mismanagement and Violations:
Since these colleges receive funding from the public exchequer, the ministry asserts that they must be held accountable for any misutilization of funds. It specifically highlights lapses such as executing contracts worth crores for security and sanitation work without adhering to GFR, violating accounting norms, and deviating from the approved “Pattern of Assistance” by the GNCTD.

Call for Transparent and Judicious Spending:
The ministry emphasizes the importance of transparent and judicious spending of public funds, a principle repeatedly flouted by these colleges. It underscores the need for these institutions to submit the Action Taken Report (ATR) and promises robust action against any financial irregularities.

The investigation aims to ensure accountability, transparency, and adherence to established rules and procedures within these Delhi University-affiliated colleges.